Buy large concrete mixing stations what issues need attention

Large concrete mixing station financially viable, so the purchase can not blindly, so in the process of mixing station to buy, you need to be a reasonable position mixing station, and then choose the device they need for the future production and laid a reasonable foundation. So how to choose large concrete mixing station, in the purchase process in the end need to pay attention to what the problem? Concrete mixing station prices. Concrete and Mortar Mixers This is the topic of a long talk wants to know, however, because older students long talk, so it needs to be more attention in terms of purchase, if consumers buy large mixing station encountered similar products too cheap, it is best not to believe Buy. Peibenshengyi seller can not do, to get the goods really mixing station, so the price is also certain. Product quality concrete mixing station. Not only to focus on internal needs but also attach importance to external consumers can observe the appearance of the quality of the product, check the product quality of the components, electricity and other methods to try to assess the product quality is good or bad. Some companies may not care about the appearance of design, but UMC Xiaobian tell you that a quality manufacturer of their professional attitude is not only reflected in the inner extrinsic test is an important criterion of quality. For concrete mixing station, the product quality and price are the users preferred issues of concern, in that case is important, we can do is to do well in the selection of test-related work, and then buy their own equipment to ensure desirable.

Concrete mixing station equipment more in line with the development of urban construction

The forward rapid economic development, urban construction has become more and more better, we appreciate and admire these buildings, we can not forget is that all bit-based concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant since the production has been widely suitable for roads, bridges and housing construction, urban construction and construction is indispensable equipment. The reason why concrete mixing station in line with the development of urban construction, and a big reason is that their own advantages, but in the process of development, continuous reform and innovation to meet the development requirements of the contemporary situation. Throughout ancient and modern, energy-saving and environmental protection, we have been advocating the survival, which requires concrete mixing station should be configured with the supply mobile concrete placing boom appropriate means and institutions to adapt to adapt to the times. First concrete mixing plant can produce high-performance concrete. High-performance concrete contains high strength, high durability and high workability. This requires concrete machinery in the station, the car, the pump has good adaptability and reliability; secondly concrete mixing station control dust emissions, a big yard and a dosing device at the application fully enclosed silos, mixing console above shall precision cleaning equipment; Furthermore the mixer truck, pump and pump and mixing station (House) aggregate after cleaning should be recycled, wash water can be recycled or by re-neutralization process after use, to achieve zero emissions, high alkaline water; finally done strictly to ensure that all aspects of energy efficient environmentally friendly concrete mixing station.

Concrete mix station break-in period how maintenance

Use concrete mixing station break-in period is to lay the foundation for the post-production process, so for users running-concrete mixing station is also very important work, some users believe that the concrete mix station break-in period is a trial, in fact, No, run-in period is also an important job is to maintain equipment maintenance, then the concrete mix station during the run-maintenance what it needs to do the following run-concrete mix station during operation:? Each machine lubrication point should ensure good lubrication state. Bolts of each part should be checked regularly to see whether tightened to prevent loosening. All moving parts and transmission parts in motion must ensure that no shocks, no jamming and not out of state. The ingredients needed to ensure that concrete materials meet the requirements, Motor concrete pumps no impurities, no damp powdery material, no material leakage occurs, the dust collection system to normal operation, and the dust collection effect to the required standard. Ensure adequate supply, accurate batching, timely discharge, the production process smooth and continuous. Mixing plant (station) run-in period, starting after the actual operation carried out trial production totaled 230h, to conduct a maintenance level. For many of the new users, run-in period is usually because of some problems plagued facing a passive situation, so concrete mixing station after the start of the daily production, to be performed strictly maintenance, whether routine or regular basis to be prescribed do a good job.

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